The aim of the nonprofit BUXUS STIFTUNG GmbH is to promote research, scholarship and education. The foundation investigates and promotes the conditions necessary for social coexistence based on independence and moral courage. Its goal is a conscious understanding of history, humanity and contemporary life.

History not only seeks to portray the past and the great diversity of human potential. History-writing also entails making both minor and major decisions – in the past, in the present and in the future. Do I look life in the face or do I turn away? Do I swim with the tide or do I make my own decisions?

The hardy, long-living box tree – BUXUS sempervirens – stands for the importance of sustainability and the focus on resources as the basis of a more just and humane society. Its constant growth has fascinated people of all cultures. Its delicate branches with their evergreen leaves continue to grow even when they are clipped into a variety of shapes. The box tree’s durability and resistance are impressive.

But even a box tree will wither when it is not watered. If its natural environment is destroyed, it requires our help. Nature and human beings depend on each other – that’s our fate. The BUXUS STIFTUNG translates this principle from the natural world into a rubric for exemplary human lives in the twentieth and twenty-first century.

Preserving, discovering, discussing

The BUXUS STIFTUNG GmbH supports projects that preserve and recount stories of resistance and the struggle to survive and live a dignified life across the world. These projects not only take up the fight against the impunity of the perpetrators and human rights violations, but also support the victims and survivors in their commitment to resistance and moral courage.

The BUXUS STIFTUNG is currently setting up an FMB COLLEGE, named after the jurist Fritz M. Bauer. Its two main goals are to promote an intellectual exchange and ties between members of civil society, human rights lawyers and political actors.






The BUXUS STIFTUNG promotes ties between political leaders and members of civil society who contribute to preserving the humane principles of our legal system and the inviolability of human dignity.

Its goal is greater participation in the development of society for all people and more social justice.

The planned FB COLLEGE, named after the jurist Fritz Bauer, will contribute to promoting the exchange of ideas and building ties between human rights lawyers, historians and political activists.







Telling stories of survival

According to Nobel Prize laureate and memory researcher Eric Kandel, the questions we ask reflect who we are and where we come from. What makes people strong, even under extreme conditions?

For further information on our workshops, please visit the FRITZ BAUER KOLLEG or write us at:







"Fritz Bauer - Death by Installment"

This event and follow-up workshop focus on the award-winning documentary DEATH BY INSTALLMENT (CV Films Berlin 2010) and on Fritz Bauer’s opponents past and present. What significance do Bauer’s work and the study of National Socialism have for us today? To arrange for a film screening and a workshop, please contact us at: info@buxus-stiftung.de





Human Rights!

The FB LIBRARY OF REMEMBRANCE AND HUMAN RIGHT's central mission is to research, document and share humanity’s extraordinary stories of resistance in order to preserve human dignity and to create a more just and humane world.

We do this because people everywhere and at all times, often under extreme conditions, struggle for their personal dignity. It is our task to remember this fight and, at the same time, to strengthen the respect of civil liberties and human rights. We accomplish this by recounting the extraordinary global history of resistance and the pursuit of human rights.






Fritz Bauer blog and website

Fritz Bauer was opposed by both old and new groups of Nazis because he spoke up for the victims and the survivors of the Holocaust at the trials of the Nazi perpetrators. We continue to see attacks on his work today.

In addition to historical information, this site features current articles on the life and work of Attorney General Dr. Bauer.





Forum for discussion about history

The importance of the BUXUS STIFTUNG's third research field lies in its innovative contribution to a conception of history that promotes responsibility within the context of the ongoing crises of the globalized world. The current trend to success stories is contrasted with the history of human survival.