If the destination is already established, how can there be new insights? Everything then depends on the available state of knowledge. The idea, however, is to learn new things, and what is still unknown and not perceived can be added. The history of the future doesn't need a museum.

The path is the destination

The Fritz Bauer Kolleg is openly discussing the challenges of contemporary history. Links between the past and the present are created and new experiences are made, which in turn create openness for new perceptions. Places, squares, buildings can evoke memories of certain events and experiences. The life histories of individuals or even groups have reminded us for thousands of years of resistance in the struggle for human rights. These people shape our history and we owe them the history of humanity. Here are some insights into a few of our research topics.


Place of Refuge and Resistance


Culture as a Refuge, Stuttgart and Munich

The BUXUS FOUNDATION together with filmmaker Jakob Gatzka is lucky to welcome the opera singer Cornelia Lanz and some of her colleagues from "Culture as a Refuge" for interviews and get to know their stories of resistance and survival.

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Visions of Resistance


Library within a Library

This “Library within a Library”—personally curated by Executive Editor Ben Miller—will consist of an experimental series of creations (films, visual art, music, dance, literature) that address the theme of resistance.

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Places of Remembrance and Resistance

Londres 38, Santiago de Chile

This place in the street Londres 38, in the middle of Santiago de Chile, was used as a prison, torture and murder place. Former prisoners and their relatives prevented the resistance of the victims and survivors from being forgotten.

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Parque por la Paz, Santiago de Chile

The "Villa Grimaldi" was rented by the Chilean military in 1973 as a place, to bring political opponents to a "disappearance". The inscription on a mosaic stone: "Birkenhain, place of cells and torture of prisoners, where solidarity, loyalty and camaraderie were lived."

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