The Fritz Bauer College of the BUXUS STIFTUNG

The nonprofit BUXUS STIFTUNG is committed to independence, courage and moral action. Its goal is a conscious, self-confident understanding of history, humanity and contemporary life.

The jurist Fritz Bauer set standards in this field. In Bauer’s eyes, the legal prosecution of the illegitimate Nazi regime was linked to a historical systematic development of the right to resist and the duty to disobey a dictatorial state power. Instead of tolerance, he focused on the recognition of the other, the healing effects of justice, and the preventive powers of a socially and economically balanced society.

The BUXUS STIFTUNG promotes ties between members of civil society and political leaders who contribute to preserving the humane principles of our legal system and the inviolability of human dignity. With the FB COLLEGE the foundation intends to improve the communication and networking between human rights lawyers, historians, and activists who can recount stories of resistance and the struggle for survival in powerful texts, images and musical arrangements.

Specifically, the FB COLLEGE will focus on role models for personal commitment. We are all strong by ourselves, but when resources are made available so that we can exchange ideas and work together, the groups we form are stronger than the sum of their individual parts. The college will therefore support exchanges in interdisciplinary groups that are committed to truth, the discourse on history, recognition of the victims of injustice, peace and a more just social and economic life.

Target Groups

With the FRITZ BAUER COLLEGE, the BUXUS STIFTUNG will offer workshops, seminars and informative lectures with discussions for a variety of target groups.

The FB COLLEGE will initially concentrate on schools &ndash; i.e., teachers and students &ndash; and then expand its focus to include young professionals in medicine and law. It will explicitly address these target audiences in order to advance the debate on human rights and to promote the narration of history and the healing effect of justice.</p>

The FMB COLLEGE will of course also invite interested members of the public and the media to join in the debates on these topics.



  • Creative workshops in schools with the assistance of media educators; support for selected project and academic seminars at German high schools.
  • Creative workshops on politics and the history of human rights involving activists and human rights lawyers and advocates.
  • Informative seminars and lectures on the histor(ies) of resistance and survival.
  • Informative seminars and workshops on the jurist Fritz Bauer and efforts to come to terms with the Nazi judiciary system and the Nazis’ corruption of medicine.
  • Currently under development: teaching materials for project days in various disciplines as well as thematic exhibition modules.

Are you interested?

Are you interested in participating in a seminar or workshop? Would you like to hold a seminar, a workshop or a similar event yourself? Are you looking for interesting lectures or films on human rights and the quest for justice? Please contact us and we will be pleased to develop an individual event or program with you.


You can reach our office by email at or
by telephone at: 0 88 24 - 9 14 63 24.