Research Topics

The goal is to allow participants to experience the unfamiliar, free of objectives and (pre-)judgments. If the destination is already set, how can there be any new insights? Everything is focused on the current state of knowledge. Our idea is to learn new things and add the unknown and the unperceived. The history of future does not need a museum.


The path is the destination

At the Fritz Bauer Kolleg, we openly discuss remembrance and the challenges of contemporary history. Connections are made between the past and the present, and new experiences open the way to new perceptions. Sites, places, and buildings are able to evoke memories of specific events and experiences. For thousands of years, the life histories of individuals and entire groups have reminded us of acts of resistance in the struggle for human rights. These individuals have shaped our history and have bestowed upon us the rich history of humanity. This section provides a glimpse at several topics we are studying.

Defense of Human Rights

Film and Documentation

Library within a Library

Faces of Resistance

Places of Survival

Places of Remembrance