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Resistance and Survivors' Stories

The "Fritz Bauer Library" series is continually evolving in conjunction with our research about resistance and survivors' stories. The goal of the FBL is to research the extraordinary stories of the struggle for human rights, to document them, and to share them, in order to contribute to a more just society. With its interactive website, this research and educational project studies, documents and links stories of people who have demonstrated self-reliance and the ability to survive even in extreme situations. The stories published in the series come from a wide range of countries.

The Search for Justice

What remembrance and courageous historiography have to do with human survival quickly becomes clear when we ask how we could possibly survive without human history or the defense of human rights. We are at the start of an international history of human rights. Nationalism, racism, xenophobia, and isolationism – everything currently associated with the concept of populism – all stand in opposition to the establishment and enforcement of human rights. 

Our goal is to investigate and retell stories about the fight for human rights worldwide. In doing so, we hope to strengthen the voices of resistance and support the victims and survivors in their fight against unpunished crimes and for an open engagement with history. The approaches to history of this main topic are heavily focused on resources and are intended to show and strengthen the sources of responsible action and mutual support.

Fritz Bauer (1903-1963) - Lawyer and Campaigner for Human Rights

Fritz Bauer (1903-1968) was the greatest jurist in the history of the Federal Republic of Germany. His contemporaries foresaw that the significance of his life and remarkable work would not be recognized until after his death. This series publishes books and essays on the life and work of Fritz Bauer and explores his importance for human coexistence and a humane legal system. These publications are also made available on the project’s website (www.fritz-bauer-archiv.de)



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