The Auschwitz Trial and the Testimonies of the Survivors - An Appeal to us Today

05. Dezember 2018 / 19.00 Uhr, VHS Bildungs- und Verwaltungszentrum (BVZ)

Gustav-Heinemann-Platz 2-6, 44787 Bochum, Room 1012

Next December will mark the 55th anniversary of the opening of the Auschwitz trial. At the same time, we ask ourselves what will happen once the voices of the victims and survivors no longer accompany us.

Will there be enough voices of protest in the face of growing racism and nationalism? Have we interpreted history correctly? Will resistance to right-wing extremism and xenophobia continue to grow and be strong enough to secure our democracy?

The historian and Fritz Bauer biographer Dr. Irmtrud Wojak, managing director of the non-profit BUXUS STIFTUNG (, shows in an exemplary way how the testimonies of the victims and survivors of Auschwitz can provide answers to these questions. This is what we want to talk about. Do I look or do I look away, do I join or will I make a difference?

Lecture by invitation of the "Bochumer Bündnis gegen Rechts".

Mission Lifeline. From Remembrance to Resistance

27. November 2018 / 20.00 Uhr, The Lovelace, Kardinal Faulhaber Str. 1, 80333 Munich

With the opera singer Cornelia Lanz, the singer Walaa Kanaieh who escaped from Syria and Claus Peter Reisch, captain of the "Lifeline"

The lawyer Fritz Bauer, lawyer and campaigner for human rights, is one of the most exciting personalities in history. As a fighter for truth and justice, he located SS man Adolf Eichmann and brought Auschwitz and the Nazi judiciary to justice.

Dr. Fabian Stallknecht combined and annotated Bauer's texts with current and philosophical reflections on topics such as remembering, survival, and the right and duty to resist. His collage tells of the need to resist oppression, despotism and the violation of human rights, as it is lived and done today by courageous people in Fritz Bauer's spirit.

Fabian Stallknecht works as a freelance author, journalist and blogger and is a founding member of the performance ensemble "Collective Sure Sud".


Fritz Bauer Library on tour, Berlin

17. Oktober 2018 / and 18. October 2018

From Remembrance to Resistance - Interactive Workshop to learn a


A participative workshop will be conducted by historian Dr. Irmtrud Wojak, curative teacher Stefan Schuster, filmmaker Jakob Gatzka, jurist Dr. Joaquín González Ibáñez, and Caroline Edelstam. The workshop is organized as a cooperation of the BUXUS FOUNDATION gGmbH with the European Cultural Parliament-Future Generation (ECP-FG), the Institute for Cultural diplomacy (ICD), the Berg Institute (Madrid), and the Edelstam Foundation (Stockholm).

Note: Please bring a notebook! The multilingual and interactive website enables participation for English, German, and Spanish speakers.

Flyer: German version

Foto: Copyright Andrea Santi