Fritz Bauer Forum

Theory and Practice of Human Rights

The protection and strengthening of human rights is our topic at the Fritz Bauer Forum. We want to contribute to empowering people with the courage to act in solidarity for a dignified life on our planet. For the lawyer and Auschwitz prosecutor Fritz Bauer, resistance meant personal commitment to "the struggle of human rights". We take up this goal by facilitating exchange and intercultural encounters, by discovering resistance stories worldwide, and by documenting and publishing them togehther.

Recognizing that human rights education plays a key role in this struggling, our workshops and events aim to strengthen the participants' powers of resistance. Human rights education was recognized quite some time ago by the United Nations and also by Germany, which has committed itself to human rights education. Nevertheless, there is still a considerable need for action in educational practices.

We want to reach pupils, students and educators, as well as employees in the social, legal and medical professions. But we also know that the subject is of concern to all of us who are called upon to do something.


Rediscovering History

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