Path and Objectives

Paths and Objectives

In Fritz Bauer's sense we cannot make heaven out of the earth, but we can do something that it does not become hell. 

With Fritz Bauer we are of the opinion that historical knowledge, language skills, participation in educational activities and a working place, social relationships and social interactions in everyday life are key conditions for a democratic and integrative society. 

But tolerance alone is not enough to keep our democracy alive. "Justice means inner recognition of the other," Fritz Bauer also writes. For the jurist, this meant that it was not enough to refer to the letters of the law. Democracy and a more just society are only possible if people know their own rights and those of others, are committed to them and work for them, even if this is accompanied by risks.

The starting point of our seminars and workshops is therefore the gap between massive human rights violations on the one hand and existing human rights on the other. This contradiction, which can be observed all over the world, requires us to convey the theory and practice of human rights and to advocate a culture of dialogue and the search for the law. 

Since the constant "struggle for human rights" is synonymous with the prosperity of a democratic and more just society.


Our offers

Three dimensions of human rights education

On this background our seminars should encourage and enable the struggle for human rights. Based on the pedagogical concept of the FBB College and with reference to the Declaration on Human Rights Education and Training of the United Nations of 2011, the seminars and workshops cover three dimensions of human rights education:

  • Education on human rights, which provides knowledge on documents, declarations and transnational organisations relevant to the implementation of human rights,
  • Education through human rights, which initiates awareness-raising processes and makes it possible to reflect critically on one's own attitudes,
  • Education for human rights that enables participants to think and act emancipatory.

In contrast to other seminars, the seminars and workshpos do not teach human rights in an abstract way, but concretely on the basis of survival stories and the search for justice.

Activities Overview

  • Seminars and interactive workshops on the "struggle for human rights" (F. Bauer)
  • Exhibitions on the history of resistance and human survival
  • Research hikes to the sites of political remembrance cultures around the world
  • Teaching materials for project-days are under construction